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Facial Slimming

One reason for a 'square' look around the jaw and lower face is excessive build-up of the jaw muscles (masseter) due to tension, age, facial structure and stress. Injections of cosmetic wrinkle-relaxing products into the muscles around the sides of the face cause them to relax, producing a slimming effect that can be very dramatic. The area of the muscle which is relaxed will 'atrophy' or shrink as it moves less. This is a highly efficacious and cost-effective non surgical option for reducing the width and shape of the lower face and jaw line. The results can vary and many nuances can be achieved, and our practitioners will guide you to the optimal course of treatment. The injections themselves are simple, and the process of administration takes barely 5 minutes. An additional benefit is that people who feel stress in their jaw muscles will find relief as the tension dissipates. Infact this treatment works well for jaw clenching by relaxing the muscle responsible for the clenching. However, not all faces are suitable for the injections, for instance where the widening effect is caused by excess fat rather than muscle build up in the lower cheek area, especially on either side of the mouth. Your doctor will assess your individual suitabilty for the procedure.

These injections require quite high doses of wrinkle relaxing product, so some muscle aching is normal after the procedure. You may also find that your jaw muscles tire easily, for instance when chewing tough pieces of food. Full relaxation, and the final results, can take a month to develop. As with all non-surgical treatments, the results are temporary and the muscles will strengthen with time. The treatment has to be repeated to maintain the results. As for all of our procedures, the non surgical clinic is committed to achieving the best aesthetic result, tailored to your individual needs and requirements, in our facial slimming treatments.

We treat the following problems:

Frown Lines
Brow Lines (Glabella)
Crows Feet (corner of eyes)
Bunny Lines (bridge of nose)
Platysmal Bands (neck lift)
Mouth depressors
Facial Slimming
Jaw Lift
Liquid Face Lift
Nefertiti Face Lift
Gummy Smile 
Down turning nose tip 
Sad mouth


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